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This Is What I Promise You at You're Enough Yoga

What do you want from your Yoga practice? What ways of being and acting do you find valuable when embodied by a yoga teacher? Pause for a moment and feel into the things that light you up about Yoga.

I have been teaching for over a year now and I am definitely on a journey when it comes to honing my style, playing to my strengths, honouring my weaknesses and noticing what students want. I believe this is a lifelong journey as Yoga always wants us to develop and study across all planes; physical, emotional and spiritual. This lifelong self study is called Svadhyaya.

I took some time to journal about what I think is crucial and enjoyable when practising yoga in group classes and for when I hold space for yoga students both in groups and one to one, and of course these days, online! Have a read.

I would love to know your feedback and insights for what you find valuable when learning/practising yoga.

This Is What I Promise You at You’re Enough Yoga

Finding one’s own way on the Yoga mat.

Autonomy rules.

Receiving and playing with Feminine and Masculine energies in yoga practice.

Let it be fun!

Friendliness toward mind, breath and body.

Patriarchy, coercion and control have no place here.

If it does not feel good, don’t do it.

Your body is your best teacher.

Rest is not something to be earned, it is a necessity.

There is nowhere to get to.

Never lock a joint (it is very bad for our bones).


Yoga is for practice and not performance.

Time to get extra props and blankets for deep relaxation practice.

Acceptance of the body’s current and changing strengths and limitations.

No dogma.

Using blankets is not weakness.

Your yoga practice creates freedom from restriction and oppression.

What you are looking for is already within, yoga brings it to the surface.

Acceptance that on different days your body may require different styles of yoga.

Every cue is an invitation to follow or not.

10 minutes in child’s pose is as valid as 10 vinyasas.

No more burn-out.

There is safety in stillness and silence.

Students are encouraged to feel successful.

Appreciation that Practising Yoga is an act of courage.

Daily practice is how change happens.

Freedom to speak out and ask questions in class.

Physical practice is not the only focus, I include features from all 8 limbs of yoga (yamas, niyamas, asana, pratyahara, dhyana, dhrana, pranayama, samadhi).

Here in this moment, you are enough.

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