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You Have A Right To Recover. You Have A Right To Thrive.

You Have A Right To The Comfort of Sacred Rest.

At Balsamic Moon on March 10th , when the lunar cycle guides us toward self nurture and healing, settle in for a nourishing guided meditation journey and Yoga Nidra, especially curated for survivors of sexual violence. Whether you have experienced sexual violence or not, you are welcome here. 


This offering celebrates the launch of the ebook Shadow and Rose: A Soulful Guide for Women Recovering from Sexual Violence by Sarah Wheeler.


Allow yourself to rest and be held in the space of deep relaxation as you meet your highest self and hear her message for your recovery, before being guided into the loving presence of Goddess Yoganidra.


Start Sowing The Seeds Of Your Recovery.



Sexual violence is a wound that too many women know all too well. The perpetration of these acts is symptomatic of living under Patriarchy and proves yet again that this system of oppression needs to be dismantled.

Our life force of body, mind and soul wants us to return to balance, back to a sense of equilibrium and over time we may even move beyond the victory of surviving and into the state of thriving. 


Inside all of us we have physiological systems not just built for survival, but for healing. It is the heart’s resolve that we shine light on to our pain, blossom into power and thrive like a sacred rose. 


Our thriving calls our power back from those who tried to take it. 


Your highest self has a heartfelt message for your recovery


When we make sacred time to access the body’s innate healing response, we become empowered to comfort and connect with ourselves through recovery and beyond.



During the 90minute live, online journey, you will be guided by Sarah to allow your body and mind to drop into deep relaxation on a meditation journey into the healing space and Rose Garden inside the Recovery Temple


This will support you so you may receive a personal recovery message from your highest self.


You may use this message to empower your resolve for your recovery. This is a message of the highest truth and compassion you can turn to time and again to nurture your body and mind as you rise through recovery.


One of the things that will help you receive, sow and absorb this message is the incorporation of Yoganidra.


Yoganidra is a transformational state which we can aspire to enter. This state is one of deep peace found in the liminal void, watched over by the grace of Goddess Yoganidra.



An opening ceremony to thank our ancestors who travelled the recovery path before us as we begin to drop into the slower pace and peaceful space of our journey.


A gentle, guided Pranayama (breath practice) to help settle and align the nervous system.


The deliberate, mindful practice of building a rest nest fit for a Goddess.

Guided meditation where you may receive your recovery message from your highest self.


Be guided into the etheric space of The Rose Garden for deep relaxation as your plant your resolve for recovery.


An opportunity to free write, doodle or draw to recall and ground the guidance from your highest self and any other messages from Yoganidra.

Closing Ceremony to bring us fully home into the present and close the experience. 

When we plant a heartfelt resolve for our life in the altered state of Yoganidra, and commit to bringing this resolve into bloom, we gift ourselves with the opportunity to bring this resolve to life to support every step of your recovery journey. 

This offering will help you to choose a resolve (known as a Sankalpa in the Yoga Tradition) for your ongoing recovery.


Wherever you are on your recovery journey, grant yourself the gift of deep relaxation. 



Rest is not a luxury you must earn.




Pre-recorded video guidance on how to set up your rest nest for maximum nourishment and comfort.


Carefully curated journal prompts to support you to explore your beliefs about rest and your relationship with relaxation.


Signposting to professional services to support your recovery.


A recording of this event if you cannot attend live.


Invitation to purchase Sarah’s new ebook Shadow and Rose: A Soulful Guide for Women Recovering from Sexual Violence.



After attending this offering you will receive an audio recording of a deep relaxation practice to support you in connecting with the grounding element of Earth.


Rise and Bloom. Be The Heroine Of Your Unfolding Story.

“Sarah holds space beautifully. Her workshop has put me back in touch with myself on a deep level. Attention to detail was intrinsic, delivered in a way that made me feel safe, closer to my spirit and mother divine.”

Yoga Nidra is not only a state of rest, but a place of grace. This journey intends that you to reconnect you with your own state of grace while you retrieve the essence of your highest self.


Please be advised that Yoga Nidra is not a substitute for professional medical intervention for PTSD or trauma resulting from sexual violence. If you are in crisis at this moment please seek help or contact the emergency services if you are in danger.


This offering is free of charge.


Usual price of a one hour session with Sarah £55.


Sarah is descended from the Duburri Tribe of South West England. She is a Women’s Recovery Advocate who is utterly enlivened by gently guiding women survivors (any one whom identifies as female) to unfurl and autonomously blossom their inner rose as they move from surviving to thriving after sexual violence. Sarah is a certified Yoga Teacher, founder of You’re Enough Yoga, Reiki Teacher and Author.


Her book Shadow And Rose: A Soulful Guide for Women from Sexual Violence is published as an ebook in March 2021.


Sarah gives heartfelt thanks and acknowledgement to the ancient and contemporary Yogis, Yoginis, Rishis, and Rishikas, The Goddess Yoganidra for the original practices as well as to her teachers and mentors whom continue to teach and encourage her.

Shine Light on your Heart. Bloom into your Power.


Please be advised that Yoga Nidra is not a substitute for professional medical intervention for PTSD or trauma from sexual violence. Please refer to a counsellor or psychotherapist for support with trauma after sexual violence.  If you are in crisis or in danger at this moment, contact the emergency services. You are responsible for your own well being if taking part in Rising Rose. Signposting to therapists is included in emails leading up to this offering.

Resources for Recovery

Call your location’s Emergency Services if you are in mental health crisis or immediate danger.

Public sector services:





https://www.rainn.org/  US based RAINN have an app for survivor’s with a support hotline and self-care tips.

https://www.rape-dvservices.org.au/  Rape and Domestic Violence support in Australia

https://www.refuge.org.uk/   For support for those experiencing Domestic Abuse



Private services:




Sarah Wheeler   Yoga Teacher   Reiki Master

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