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Yoga Benefits

Where to start with the benefits of Yoga?

I could list loads of benefits that you will feel both in your Yoga class and in your daily life, if you maintain a Yoga practice that sees you go to class just once a week. Let’s keep it short and sweet for now and I think you will get the picture.

These are some of the physical benefits of Yoga:

  • Increased strength and muscle tone

  • Improved levels of energy and overall vitality

  • Improved stability, mobility and flexibility

  • Improved circulation


Now for a few of the even more useful benefits of Yoga:

  • Improved levels of patience

  • Increased level of compassion for yourself and others

  • Greater and more frequent feelings of wellbeing

  • Improved confidence in your own capabilities

  • Improved concentration

  • A willingness to stop rushing, and instead trying to approach life with mindful curiosity

  • Developing a sense of autonomy and self-assurance

  • A blossoming awareness of the need for self care


In class, as well as teaching the physical part of Yoga (called Asana) and therefore teasing out the physical benefits, I weave in nuggets of helpful Yogic wisdom, along with Mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises (called Pranayama) to encourage both relaxation and vitality.

Surely it’s worth a try?

Sarah teaching a yoga class
Sarah teaching a yoga class
Sarah teaching a yoga class
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