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Yoga Retreats

"From start to finish Sarah was an amazing host. I came back from the retreat weekend feeling like I'd had a two week holiday"- Debbie, retreat guest

Workshops and retreats enable you to deepen your Yoga practice both on and off the mat by investing in yourself with time dedicated to exploring various aspects of practice.

Hammocks outside at the Yoga retreat

The Big Ol' Chill Out

Yoga Retreat

September 20 -22 2024 at Retreat to Gayles, East Sussex

Take time out for yourself over Autumn Equinox weekend. Whether you need to restore resources depleted over Summer, or empty out from being overwhelmed, this soothing blend of movement and rest will help you attend to your energy needs.

Gayles in East Sussex

Aaaaaand Exhale...A weekend yoga retreat including a blend of movement practices, meditation, spacious free time for you to chill and walk in East Sussex nature, quiet reflection, stunning surroundings, outdoor pool in fine weather, opportunity to receive a Reiki treatment, heavenly homemade food, Equinox ritual and evening Yoga Nidra.

Contact Sarah to Book:


From £295 

including £60 non refundable deposit

Balances to be paid on September 2nd.

(more time to pay off the balance/ payment plans can be arranged by contacting Sarah)

Choose your accommodation

The Studio: Dormitory accommodation, shared bathroom £355

Camping in provided and pitched tent  (tent, pillow, towel and torch provided) £295

See Gayles website to view accommodation, then contact Sarah to book

Bed linen and towels provided.

Dormitory guests are politely asked to make their bed on arrival, and strip beds on departure

Gayles Pond.jpg
Practice Room Gayles.jpg

Reiki Level 1 Training
February 10-11 2024

To choose to learn Reiki is to say ‘yes’ to the Universe that you are ready for a spiritual awakening.

Usually when we people hear the term Reiki, what comes to mind is the hands on healing  or energy healing that Reiki Practitioners may advertise or offer. However, this practical application of Reiki for healing ourselves and others, is just one face of Reiki. 

Reiki is a Japanese healing system that promotes wellness across all four planes of healing. These being; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. This is why Reiki is known as a holistic system, because Reiki and the Reiki practitioner approach all beings as a whole system where mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked. This is where many Eastern approaches to healing differ from twentieth century allopathic Western approaches, with the latter looking to treat tangible symptoms of an ailment rather than looking to promote wellness across the four planes of healing.

Go Here For More Details

Drop me a line if you're interested...

Sarah ddoing reiki on the beach

"Sarah's teaching is calm and supportive. Highly recommended."

"Coming to these classes is makings such a difference to my week"

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