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Hatha and Flow Yoga

Know that in this moment, 

you are enough.

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If you send me an email and/or sign up to the You’re Enough Yoga mailing list then the only data I have from you is your email address. This is the same if you book a single class or a set of classes.


If you arrange a one to one Yoga class with me, then I have your name, address, number, email address, emergency contact details, GP information and a record of what you are seeking from your one to one session. I only collect data that is necessary.

Your data will be processed in a way that maintains security and confidentiality.

Your data from a one to one will be held for 7 years, after which any written records will be destroyed. Your email address will be kept so that you can be informed of upcoming events and offers, but you can unsubscribe from email newsletters at any point, just let me know.

I operate within the law and am transparent about my dealings with your data. Your data will not be passed to anybody else.

You have the right to see the data I have on you, just ask me and I can organise this within six weeks. If you want me to delete all information I have about you, just ask.


Your spot in class is booked when you have paid. Payments are non refundable.


Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged at the full rate.


For one to ones, your appointment is confirmed when your payment is received by me 24 hours before your appointment.


If payment for a one to one session is not made then it will be understood that you do not want to the session and it will be cancelled.  


Any cancellations with less than 24hours notice will still be charged at the full rate.


You’re Enough Yoga is not liable for any injury or damage to a person resulting from taking a Yoga class.

The student is responsible for informing the teacher of any injury or condition, or change to health, at the start of a class. Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention and students should consult a medical professional before starting a yoga practice.

If at any time in the session, the student feels pain or strain, the student will carefully come out of the shape and inform the teacher. It is crucial to respect the limitations of one’s body and these limitations may change from day to day.

Students are responsible for informing the Yoga teacher of any surgical procedures they have had in the last six months. The student may be referred to their GP before beginning a class with You’re Enough Yoga.

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, please be advised that these classes are not specifically Pregnancy Yoga classes or Post Partum classes. Please advise the teacher if you are pregnant. It is the student’s responsibility to take care of their wellbeing in class if pregnant or have recently given birth. The teacher reserves the right to refer you to your GP to be advised whether you are safe to practise Yoga at this stage of your pregnancy, or at this stage after giving birth.

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