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Group Classes

Full Schedule:


Yogalates. A blend of yoga asana and core inspired movement. Did you know your 'core' runs from your feet, all through the central channel of your body, not just the belly and abdominals?  7.30pm Adapt Fitness, Portland Road, Hove.


Hatha and Yin Yoga. 7.30pm,  Adapt Fitness, Portland Road,Hove


Hatha Flow & Relax. 11.15am Adapt Fitness, Portland Road, Hove 

Hatha Flow & Rest. 5.30pm Hove Fitness, St Helier's Avenue, Hove


Smooth Somatic Flow. 9.15am Pro Fitness, New Church Road, Hove

Slow Yoga. 13.15pm Adapt Fitness, Portland Road, Hove

Yoga for Soothing Stress, Fatigue and Burnout. 

6.30pm The Dock Hub, 103 Lorna Road, Hove

Pay via Paypal for this class, please include your name and email as a reference.

You can also pay by BACS or cash.

BACS- Sarah Wheeler, 04 00 04, 93055155

Blending Hatha, somatic and Yin Yoga, think calming, attentive and sensitive and you get the gist of this practice. This class is a soothing one where you will experience therapeutic and somatic movement blended with yoga asana (postures) and breathwork, as a balm to honour what is going on for you, to meet your needs and to counteract stress, fatigue and burnout. Please note this is not Yoga Therapy, rather the class is taught with a therapeutic approach.


Hatha Yoga.10am Vida Active Club, Blatchington Road, Hove 

Vinyasa Flow.12pm Adapt Fitness, Hove 

Email Sarah to Book Yoga & Somatics for Soothing Stress

Pay via Paypal for Yoga & Somatics for Soothing Stress. Include your name and email as a reference.

Contact Adapt Fitness 

Contact Vida Active Club

These are all open level classes and all venues offer 'drop in' sessions as well as membership.

Yoga class
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Book Yoga In Brighton & Hove

I teach in a laid back, approachable and fluid style which encourages a blend of free movement, flow, self exploration of yoga shapes without taking things too seriously and Hatha Yoga asana. In one of my classes you will experience relaxation paired with challenge, rest paired with action, movements which vary between dynamic and slower (and stillness),breathing exercises paired with natural breath along with sequences that create warmth and coolness in the body. These opposing sensations help to create stillness, space and peace in our whole organism. In an effort to create respectful spaces for yoga practice, I tend not to offer hands on adjustments.

‘Hatha Flow’ indicates that in class you will enjoy some sequences that bloom and flow during the class, as well as creating static shapes with the body. During class I intend that you feel:

  • Energised yet relaxed

  • Successful and yet not grasping for a result

  • Present

  • Nourished     


I Want You To Feel Both Fluidity and Strength 

When you practice Hatha Yoga on regular basis (at least once a week) you will probably feel the benefits coming to fruition on and off your yoga mat. Life somehow feels smoother, even though obstacles come our way.  You may notice you respond more spaciously to obstacles rather than reacting in unhelpful ways. If you have a tendency for anxiety, depression or both, you may feel some relief from symptoms.

Yoga at Your Business

Are things getting stressful at work? Are staff burning out?


Yoga classes in the workplace can make a huge difference to the mental health and overall wellness of employees. Contact me to arrange corporate bookings: 

"The class is subtly challenging but so relaxing. Superb class and great teacher"- Slow Yoga Attendee

"Coming to these classes is making such a difference to my week"- Hatha Flow Attendee

One-to-One Yoga Sessions

Sarah teaching a Yoga class

These sessions held in-person or online, are for you if you wish to invest in your self and your yoga practice. I offer one - to  - one asana (physical yoga) or yoga nidra. Can't decide? Mix it up with a combined session. With one - to- one lessons you will feel nourished, served and restored to your glorious enoughness-ready to face another day/meeting/zoom call. Hooray!

Maybe you you prefer to practise yoga outside of a group environment?

Maybe you want to take your practice in a new direction, try some new shapes, breathwork or want more specific guidance during your sessions?

One - to - one yoga will treat you to a bespoke service with sessions planned around your individual needs, ability and pace all whilst staying true to the down regulating relaxation that yoga provides.


A one-to-one session is suitable whether you are new to yoga or have practised for a while.

1 hour £45

90mins £60

Book a One-to-One Yoga Session

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