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The Target Trance

Targets and goals can be helpful, but they can keep us stuck in a trance, unable to see the wider landscape of our lives.

Did your school teachers make you do target setting? I have not so fond memories of those lessons.

Recently I have been playing with and exploring the differences between targets and intentions. Do you feel there is a difference?

How do the words target and intention resonate in your body when it comes to your yoga practice? We have all (probably) seen mesmerising, glossy photos of people in flashy and ‘perfect’ yoga shapes. The ego mind can latch on to those idealised, unhelpful images like a (downward) dog with a yoga bone. Got to do a headstand!! That’s what my ego says and then it beats up on me when after twelve years of yoga practice I still wobble and struggle.

Here is an insight into a target which keeps me stuck in an overly focussed trance as a yoga teacher:

I must write a really captivating yoga inspired blog, super regularly and commit to doing this on a regular day every two weeks. I've been noticing how that leaves me feeling boxed in, linear and dull.

I feel way more free and lit up when it comes to my intention to share helpful insights which make yoga assessable, in a way that feel good for me. more writing for me in this post, no more reading for you to do (everyone's eyes are over stimulated anyway). Instead you can make a tea, kick back and listen to an audio clip of my exploration of target vs intention.

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