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Hi, I'm Sarah. Welcome to You're Enough Yoga. I teach Yoga in Brighton and Hove.

What if we approached life feeling like we're enough just as we are? You're Enough Yoga is about granting acceptance for yourself. To let yourself be exactly who you are, both on and off your yoga mat.


Hatha Yoga is a yoga practice than can help us to feel good, to feel that who we are is enough. This is certainly what happened for me during the time I have been practising Yoga.

Sarah first stepped on to (or lay down!) on a yoga mat about ten years ago. She steadily built her relationship with Yoga, and the benefits have been profound for her. She felt better; more joyful, resilient and confident in her abilities both on and off the mat.

Sarah looks forward to seeing you in a Hatha Yoga class. In a You're Enough Yoga class you will enjoy yoga shapes and poses, gentle breath work, and a delicious dollop of relaxation.

Yoga FAQs 


What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice and some say it first appeared around 5000 years ago. The word Yoga comes from the word yuj in the Sanskit language. It is translated as to yoke, or to unify. This word is key when it comes to exploring the practice of Yoga which is a practice that aims to diminish the perceived separation of body, mind and spirit and therefore letting us experience the union of these aspects of ourselves.

Yoga has eight branches (sometimes called limbs) and in a class, the branch called Asana is predominantly what is being taught. Asanas are the poses and physical sequences (which I prefer to call shapes when I teach). You may have heard of a couple of these shapes, eg Downward Dog or Tree Pose. The other seven limbs of that make up the practice of Yoga are breathing exercises (Pranyama), things to avoid (Yamas), things to try to do (Niyamas),withdrawing the senses (Pratyahara), meditation (Dhyana), concentration (Dharana) and spiritual awareness (Samadhi). Yoga Classes with You’re Enough Yoga will enable you to experience and learn about all of the limbs of Yoga rather than just the physical side of yoga.


Do I have to be fit to come to a Hatha Yoga class?

You do not have to be fit to come to a Hatha Yoga class with You’re Enough Yoga, however you will likely feel fitter if you practise Hatha Yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is about finding your own way and listening to your body from day to day as on no two days are we likely to feel exactly the same, be it emotionally or regarding our energy levels. Taking rest if you feel you need it is actively encouraged in a good Yoga class. If you have concerns, check with your GP before starting a new exercise practice.


What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a one of the oldest forms of Asana practice (the physical branch of Yoga). The term Hatha means ‘forceful’ but is does not mean that Hatha Yoga need be a strenuous of forceful practice. It refers more to the different forces in nature and the body, along with opposing pairs (fast/slow, up/down, warm/cool, Feminine/Masculine) which can be experienced in the movements, balances, and shapes of Hatha Yoga.

Hatha aims to open and vivify the many energy channels in the body such as the nerves and the central channel which is the spine. Hatha Yoga shapes are designed to move the body through various movements such as bending, twisting, rolling, standing, stretching, flexing, extending and weight bearing. All of these taken at a calm and mindful pace so as not to over stimulate the body so that Hatha Yogis can approach the meditational branches of yoga (Dharana and Dhyana) with more ease. After mindfully moving the body, it is easier to calm the mind and witness our thoughts and our breath.


Can I Do Yoga If I’m Not Flexible?

Yes. It is a myth that you need to somehow be very bendy to be able to start a Yoga practice. If you practise Yoga over time you will notice that you are becoming more flexible, even if you just come to one class for an hour each week. However, there are no prizes for being able to touch your toes and you will not become enlightened if you can do a back bend. This being said, your body will feel more supple, healthy and grateful for an increased range of motion!

I very much encourage students to move at their own pace and with body awareness so that students can feel what feels like too much and what they might like to try to move a little out of their comfort zone. Yoga is about creating a mind which is flexible and easeful, the physical benefit of increased flexibly is a bonus prize!


What Are The Benefits of Yoga?

The following are just a few benefits, you can find more on the Benefits Of Yoga tab…

Increased flexibility, increases bone density, increases the health of your spine, builds muscle and strength, increases cardio vascular fitness, aids balances, increases concentration, increases feelings of a calm and resilience.


What equipment will I need if I start Yoga?

Buy yourself a Yoga mat and a nice blanket. It is a lovely investment to make for your self and you can try bits of Yoga at home too as well as in class. Check out the You’re Enough Yoga Youtube channel for some sequences to try at home on your mat. Some of the venues where I teach do not supply mats or blankets and if this is the case, I will let you know so you can bring your own. Some venues supply mats and blankets in the studios, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

Blankets are great for covering your self for a cosy relaxation toward the end of class.

What Should I wear?

You can wear any clothes that are suitable to exercise in. You may want to wear a sweater for the early part of your class. I usually stick to leggings and vest. I would recommend that you don’t wear socks on your Yoga mat.

Sarah Wheeler   Yoga Teacher   Reiki Master

  • @youreenoughyoga

Hatha Yoga in Brighton & Hove


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